Back Row: Ms Heidi Trent, Mr Michael Somers, Mrs Alana Cooper, Mr Troy Standish, Mr Allen Jones, Wade Scott, Mr Henry Slaats, Mr Gordon Giddy, Mrs Tineka Twigley
Ninth Row: Ms Hannah Clark, Mrs Angela Bayly, Mr Stephen Brown, Mr Keith Maw, Mr Glen Hannah, Mr Steven Leppard, Mrs Joanne Ander, Mrs Linda Dickson, Mrs Jessie Haylock, Mrs Lizaan Hale
Eighth Row: Mrs Lynda Mace, Mrs Phoebe Ansell, Mrs Glynda Malley, Mr Jon Hawkins, Mr Larry Wilson, Miss Nicola Healy, Mr Alan Elgar, Miss Brooke Moratti
Seventh Row: Ms Stephanie Gibbons, Mr Adrian Wright, Mrs Shirley Rowe, Mr Brad Bennett, Mr Felix Hartmann, Mr Richard Wild, Mr Jonathan Dobbie, Mrs Kate Kilgour, Dr Yvonne Shanahan
Sixth Row: Mrs Pauline Crow, Mr Chris Roux, Mr Michael Townes, Mr Philip Hewlett, Mr Bevan Matene, Mr Justin Hyde, Mr Dean Hikaka
Fifth Row: Ms Rebekah Smith, Mrs Dawn Eaton, Mr Viv Treweek, Mr Spencer Page, Mr Finn Peters, Mrs Francesca Dowman, Mr Jonathon Flynn, Mr Max Maaka
Fourth Row: Mr Evan Davies, Mrs Adrienne Roberts, Mr Warren Drought, Mr Paul Martin, Mr Jamie Farquhar, Mr Jamie Stones, Mrs Barbara Mitchell, Mrs Shelley Ingle
Third Row: Mrs Natalie Dent, Mr Nick Creery, Mr Kayne Dunlop, Mr Craig Thomas, Mr Michael Taylor, Mr Robert Wisnewski, Mr Matthew Cleaver, Mr Blair Corlett, Mrs Tania Moore
Second Row: Mrs Carolyn Matuku, Mr John McLellan, Mr Reuben Creery, Mr David Bublitz, Mr Michael Graham, Mr Aaron Lock, Mr Kane Rowson, Mr Chris Greer
Front Row: Mr Hugh Russell, Mr Andrew Hope, Mr Paul Veric, Mr Darryl Leath, Mr Reid Archer



P J Verić
B.Ed, BLS, Dip.Tch.


S Moore
Grad Dip Tchg,  Grad Dip Tech,  NZCC



D J Leath
BE (Mech), Dip Tchg (Timetabler)

Mr Leath is Director of Curriculum and Academic Performance.

A H Hope
BSc, Dip Tchg

Mr Hope is the Director of Students.

R Archer
BA, BCA,  Dip Tchg

Mr Archer is the Director of Teaching and Learning



J G Tullett, BFA, TTC, Dip Tchg (HOD Art) (HOF Arts, Music & Languages)

Mr Tullett is responsible for The Visual Arts (Painting, Design and Photography), Music, Maori, Languages and Classics, and English as a Second Language.


A E Elgar, BA, Dip Tchg (HOF English)

Mr Elgar is responsible for English in the school. He currently teaches years 9 – 13, and in a change of direction, is managing a junior football team.

HEAD OF HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION:  – Education Outside the Classroom/Hospitality

M Cleaver, BSpLS, Dip Tchng (HOF Health & Physical Education)

Mr Cleaver is an Old Boy and former Head Boy at NPBHS (1999), Head of Health and Physical Education/Hospitality Faculty

Mr Cleaver has a keen interest in basketball, cricket, running and the outdoors. This year he is coaching the Junior Boys A Basketball team. He is very motivated to improve the academic outcomes for all our boys, while also enriching them with extra curricular opportunities beyond the classroom. NPBHS means a huge amount to Mr Cleaver personally and his goal is to inspire boys to be the best they can possibly be. Boys need to leave NPBHS with pride and passion for the school, but also with a meaningful education to help them be great citizens in our society.


S W Page, BSc, Dip Tchg (HOF Mathematics)

Mr Page is responsible for Mathematics in the school, a subject he is very passionate about. He is currently teaching classes from Year 10 to 13. Mr Page has been involved in various sports over the years and is currently helping out with mountain-biking.


J D McLellan, BSc, Dip Tchg (HOF of Science)

Mr McLellan’s faculty includes Science, Horticulture, Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space Science, and Physics. He is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Physics, the Taranaki Science Fair Committee, and a former mentor at the International Space School in Houston TX.


R V Archer, BCA, BA, Dip Tchg (HOF Social Sciences)

Mr Archer’s faculty includes the History, Geography and Commerce Departments. He is currently teaching Business Studies and Economics and he coaches junior rugby at the school.

HEAD OF STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES: – Learning Support, Careers, Guidance, LMA, Library

Ms W M Bayley, BEd, Dip ESSTN (HOF Student Support Services)

Ms Bayley is a primary-trained teacher with postgraduate qualifications in the Education of Students with Special Learning needs, Teaching and Learning Best Practice and Applied Linguistics. A Mathematics advisor prior to her service at NPBHS. She is an experienced runner having completed 20 marathons thus far and she has a special interest in hockey.

HEAD OF TECHNOLOGY: – Computer-Science, Engineering, Electronics, Graphics, Metalwork, Woodwork, Digital Media

Ms S C Scott, BA, Dip Tchg (HOF Technology)

Ms Scott is the leader of an inspiring group of teachers of technology. She is in charge of the school’s IT network and manages the dedicated IT technical staff. She is also the director of e-Learning as the school moves to incorporate the use of students’ devices into teaching and learning in the school. Ms Scott has represented NZ in orienteering and has won national titles in orienteering and titles in rogaining. She plays clarinet with the Taranaki Symphony Orchestra.



D J Bublitz, BPhy Ed, Dip Tchg

Mr Bublitz is responsible for all sport in the school.


E Daviese also has responsibility for the International Department.


Sam Moore Grad Dip Tech, Grad Dip Teaching, NZCC

Mr Moore is responsible for our boarding students who live on the campus for the duration of the school year. He teaches woodwork and has an interest in all sports.


Mrs J Ander, BA, Diploma of Teaching, TESOL

R V Archer, BCA, BA, Dip Tchg

D P Atkins, Dip PE, PG Dip Sport Mgt, TTC Dip PE, PG Dip Sport Mgt, TTC
(HOD Kia Eke Panuku, Director of Maori Achievement)

Ms W M Bayley, BEd, Dip ESSTN
(HOF Student Support Services) (HOD Learning Support)

J P Bigwood, BA, Dip Tchg, Cert Journ.
(Dean Year 11 (Level 1))

S J Brown, BMus, Dip Tchg

D J Bublitz, BPhy Ed, Dip Tchg
(Dean Year 13 (Level 3), Director of Sport)

M Cleaver, BSpLS, Dip Tchng
(HOF Health & Physical Education)

Ms A Cooper

B J Corlett, BEd, Dip Tchg
(Dean Year 10)

R T J Creery, BEd
(Dean Yeaan Year 13 (Level 3), Director of Sport)

M Cleaver, BSpLS, Dip Tchng
(HOF Health & Physical Education)

Ms A Cooper

B J Corlett, BEd, Dip Tchg
(Dean Year 10)

R T J Creery, BEd
(Dean Year 11)

Mrs P M Crow, BA, Dip Tchg, TSSTN
(SCT, PRT Co-ordinator)

E Davies, BA, Dip Tchg

Mrs N Dent, BA, Dip Tchg
(Asst HOD Mathematics, Principals Nominee)

Mrs L R Dickson, MVSc, Dip Tchg (Literacy Across the Curriculum Project Manager)

J M Dobbie, BSc, Dip Tchg

Ms R Douds, BA, Dip Tchg

Mr Kayne Dunlop, BSC, Dip Tchg

A E Elgar, BA, Dip Tchg
(HOF English)

Mrs E B Elgar, BSc, Dip Tchg

J B Farquhar, BCom, BPhy Ed, Dip Tchg

J C Flynn, BSc, Dip Tchg

G G Giddy, BSc, Dip Tchg

C G Greer, H Dip Tchg
(Manager, RTLB)

L Hale, BSc, Dip Tchg

G P Hannah, BA, Dip Tchg
(Dean Year 9)

Hartmann, BDes (Hons), Dip Tchg

J Hawkins, BSc, Dip Tchg
(HOD Chemistry)

Miss N J A Healy, BVA, Dip Tchg
(TIC of Digital Media and Social Media, Website Manager)

P J Hewlett, BA, Dip Tchg
(HOD Outdoor Education)

P C Hill, MFA (Hons), TTC
(Asst HOD Art)

J C F Hyde, MEd (Hons), BSc, Dip Ed, PG Dip Bus Admin, Dip Tchg, MCCC, MEd (e-Learning)
(Head of Barak House)

H A Kerr, BA, Dip Perf Arts, Dip Tchg
(Guidance Counsellor)

Mrs K L Kilgour, BA, Dip Tchg
(Assistant HOD English)

Mrs Z Kirkcaldie, BBS, ACA, Dip Tchg

S R Leppard AdvTC, Dip Spec Subs, Dip Tchg
(Head of Donnelly House)

A K Lock, London Dip T & H, C & G, Dip Tchg
(Dean Year 12 (Level 2))

M M Maaka, Dip Sport & Rec

J D McLellan, BSc, Dip Tchg
(HOF Science & HOD Physics)

Mrs C M Matuku, MFA, Dip Tchg

Mr Bevan Matene
(HOD Maori)

D C Moore, TTC, PG Dip Gui & Couns
(Transition, STAR)

Sam Moore, Grad Dip Tech, Grad Dip Teaching, NZCC
(Director of Boarding, Head of Hatherly House)

P J O’Keeffe, BEd, Dip Tchg

S W Page, BSc, Dip Tchg
(HOF Mathematics)

M G Parker, G Dip Eng, Dip Tchg

G J H Poole, BSc (Hons), PGCE

Mrs M H Porteous, Dip FAA, Dip Tchg, TTC

J N Prasad, BE (Civil), MTech, Dip Tchg

Mrs A G Roberts, BHSc, Dip Tchg
(HOD Home Economics)

J C J Roux, BTech, Dip Eng, RETC, Dip Tchg

Mrs S Rowe, BEd, CTESOL, Dip Tchg,
(HOD ESOL, Academic Dean International Students)

K T Rowson, BS & ESci, Dip Tchg
(Asst Dean Year 9 and 10)

H L Russell, BA, Dip Tchg
(Director of Business Development & Communications/International)

Ms S C Scott, BA, Dip Tchg
(HOF Technology)

K J Simpson, BE (Hons), Dip Tchg

J A Sims, BSc, Dip Tchg
(HOD Horticulture)

T Standish, BSc, BEd

M G Taylor, BSc, Dip Tchg
(HOF Social Sciences)

C R Thomas, Adv TC, Dip Tchg
(HOD Technology & Graphics)

M J Townes, BA, Dip Tchg

V J B Treweek, BConMus, Dip Tchg
(Head of Syme House, HOD Music)

J G Tullett, BFA, TTC, Dip Tchg
(HOF Arts, Music & Languages, HOD Art)

R M Turner, BSc, Dip Tchg
(HOD Biology)

Mrs T F Twigley, BA, Dip Tchg, CELTA
(HOD Languages)

J J Warner, MA (Hons), Dip Tchg

M G Watts, TTC, GC Career Dev
(Careers Adviser, HOD Gateway)

R T Wild, BA, Dip Tchg
(HOD History)

L D Wilson, Dip PE, TT Cert
(Asst HOD Health & PE)

R J Wisnewski, MEdL, BSocSci, Dip Tchg
(HOD Geography)


Mrs J Beath, BMus, Dip Mus, Dip Tchg, FTCL, LRSM, RMT

P Cook


Mrs J Henderson, BMus

D Hamilton, BA, MMus (Hons)

M Harding, BA, Dip Tchg

A Henry

K Jackson, BA Dip Tchng

S Maunder, NZCT

M Stevens, NZCT


Ms F M Dowman, Dip Tchg

P M Martin, C A Tchg

Ms B C Mitchell, Cert Tchg

J Smith 

Ms S.Crow


K I Maw NDBC  (Technical Manager)

R B Newbrook (Staff Support Manager)


Ms S Gibbons, Library Manager, NZLSC

Miss S R MacDonald, Library Assistant, Cert. Bus & Comp


R A Harland, BAgSc, Dip Tchg


T M Woodward  (Property Manager)

S McNab

G Winters

M McKone


Mrs S Smith (Matron)

Ms C F Morris, (Matron)

M L Trowern, (Chef)


Mrs H Reason, (Manager)


K R Dixon, AdvTC, MDC Dip, CEC


M B Graham, BHortSci, ANZIM (Executive Officer and Board Secretary)

Dr Y Shanahan, FCPA, (Finance Manager)

Mrs B Richards, NZIAO (Finance Assistant)

Ms A Vailahi-Schofield, BCom, CA (Finance Assistant)


Mrs D M Eaton (Headmaster’s PA)

Mrs P Ansell JP (Office Administrator)

Mrs H J Knight (Student Services Administrator)

Ms R Smith (School Nurse/Student Services Administrator)

Mrs L M Mace (Receptionist)

Mrs Linda Kendall

Mrs P Campbell (Communications / Graphic Design)


B Bennett (Sport Administrator)

B Bennett  (Rugby Development Officer)

M Curry (Football Development Officer)

B Bennett (Cricket Development Officer)

International Student Welfare

Mrs G Malley