Vision – Be The Example

We set the standard for the boys schools in not only Taranaki but New Zealand. Our students set the standard, and our staff set the standard. It’s not about following other schools, it’s about cutting our path, innovating, leading, being our own school, and one others aspire to be like – not the other way round. It’s not about being arrogant, putting ourselves above others, but focussing on what we do and what we can control.

Purpose – Improving the future

As a secondary school we are required to teach The New Zealand Curriculum. We teach both content and values. We do this, not because the government tells us to, but because we want to set up our students to be successful in life and reach their potential. If they can realise their potential, they will be happy and achieve their goals. Happy, achieving members of our community, with good values, contribute positively to society. People who are contributing to society are making the world a better place. That’s why we do what we do. Improving the future is our purpose.

Values – Be The Example

Rather than lengthy value statements and words that no-one can remember, ‘Be The Example’, also clearly defines our values. Be the example encompasses everything like positivity, self control, determination, respect, social responsibility and integrity to name a few.

Be The Example covers all aspects of school life, including (but not limited to) academic achievement, effort, uniform and how we treat each other. Be The Example applies to not only the students but staff and all those associated with the school. We are all accountable to Being The Example. No one is beyond or above the responsibility of being the very best we can be.