Student Comments

From the Head Boarder, 2016

The Hostel at New Plymouth Boys’ High School is a home, not just to the current young men, but to the many boarders, over the years who have lived there as well. The daily routines create habits in our young men that they carry on for the rest of their lives, and contribute to them being successful men. Each day starts with a simple task like making a bed and this leads to another task and another and eventually each day is finished with satisfaction, knowing they are making the most of every day.

This Hostel creates life-long friendships as the boys become more than friends, they become brothers. It is a very special camaraderie that is formed when living at this hostel. Living with friends, they learn to understand each other and understand that everyone is different and how important it is to adapt to each person. It is another tool our boys take on their life journey.

Along with the amazing food, the hostel is filled with endless opportunities in which to excel and become involved in, whatever area they desire, whether it be sporting, academic, or cultural. The support from staff gives the boys the confidence to achieve their goals and be the very best they can be. This hostel turns boys into young men as, during their time here, they learn to have respect for the hostel, other boys and staff, but most importantly, for themselves, along with many values and morals they take the world with them.

When sending your son to the hostel at New Plymouth Boys’ High School, you can be sure they are at a place that is as comfortable as they have come from. Because Hatherly becomes their home.

Liam Younger

From the Head Boarder, 2013

My name is Connor Hobbs and I was head boarder at New Plymouth Boys’ High School in 2013. I have grown up in Stratford my entire life where I attended Ngaere Primary School before attending New Plymouth Boys’ High School.

During my five years in the hostel I developed a wide range of friendships, with a range of cultures within the hostel, schoo,l and through sport at New Plymouth Boys’ High School.  The hostel taught me so many valuable skills, like how to interact and have respect for others, and gave me the foundation for a successful career. The hostel offers your son so many opportunities that no other local institution can match, as well as help him achieve his personal academic, sporting, and leadership goals within the school.

The dedicated team of Hostel Masters are all ‘top blokes’ who are willing to support your son through his years in the hostel. There really is no better place to send your son to give him the best start in life. You won’t regret it.

Connor Hobbs