Learning Support

The Learning Support Department will identify those students with moderate and high learning needs, and implement appropriate programmes and supports to ensure they meet their potential academically, socially and emotionally wherever possible.

It is our role to support the teacher to meet the needs of all of their students, and to foster fully inclusive practices throughout New Plymouth Boys’ High School.

Inclusive practices are all about ensuring all students are made to feel welcome at school and are able to take part in all aspects of school life.  Diversity is respected and school-wide practices and classroom programs respond to students’ different needs, skills, interests cultures and backgrounds.

The Learning Centre is located in Alexander Block, on level 3 near the staffroom.  The two rooms serve as the base from which the support provided is co ordinated.

The Head of Learning Support, Wendy Bayley works with her team to provide a variety of specialist programmes:

  • Y9 Literacy Programmes  (reading focus)
  • Y10 Literacy Programmes (writing focus)
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Mathematics Support
  • Y11 – Y13 Special Assessment Condition Guidance
  • Y11 In-Class Support
  • General In-Class Support
  • Individualised Tutoring
  • Individual Education Plans
  • Transitioning bBetween Schools

Special Education Needs

We work closely with the Ministry of Education, Special Education, RTLB and Specialists to provide a fully Inclusive Learning Environment for those students with Special Learning Needs.

Programmes, the surroundings and courses are developed to suit the individual needs of all students.  Teachers work collaboratively, with skilled Teachers’ Aides, and advisors to provide the best possible learning opportunities for the boys.

We have well developed pathways to transition students for life after secondary school.

How You Can Help Your Son

Education is a collaborative process between the student, the family and the school.

Your support and communication is essential for the education well-being of your son.

Deans, Teachers, School Counsellors and the Learning Support Team work together to ensure the best possible outcomes for students.






Wendy Bayley (HoD)
06 758 5399 extension: 865

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