Welcome to Cramond Library, a library for students and staff of New Plymouth Boys’ High School.

Library hours: 8.35 am – 3.45 pm Monday – Friday, term time

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Library Kaupapa

Instead of shushing students to silence, libraries are now vibrant and diverse environments catering to the different needs of our school community: study, reading, relaxing in a variety of ways, catching up with friends and of course, the time-honoured tradition of last-minute homework.

These days, our library has both noisy and quiet spots, students listening to music with headphones or watching the latest game on a device. Above all, our boys love sharing and collaborating. This is the ‘new normal’ and I love it!

Please read the library kaupapa to ensure everyone enjoys their library experience.

Library History

The first library was established when the school opened in 1882, with a grand total of 200 books. It moved seven times before a purpose-built library opened in 1939. This beautiful building is now known as ‘the old library’ and has been re-purposed as a dormitory following the deconstruction of Carrington House in 2014. In 1986 Cramond Library was built, named after Geoffrey Crammond, headmaster from 1972-1978.


Borrow a book
Books and e-books are issued for three weeks and can be renewed twice (unless reserved)

Log on to the school computers to print – $ comes off your print account

Log in to the photocopier to photocopy – $ comes off your print account



Give your assignments that professional look – $2.50 (minimum of 5 pages)

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Yes we do!   A4 ($1.00) and A3 ($2.00)