2017 Student Timetable

By 4 January, your son’s timetable will be available on the parent portal. If you are struggling to access the parent portal the school office will be open from 23 January and staff will be available to assist. If you need advice and support in changing any subject selections, then the Deans will be available on Wednesday 25 January – please ring the office for an appointment

If your son’s timetable has a gap in it this will mean he has either a subject clash or a missing subject. As such, he will need to contact Mr Leath (darryl.leath@npbhs.school.nz) from January 23.

If you wish to look at which subjects your son may have in the second half of the academic year, use the week selector at the top left hand corner of your son’s timetable on the portal and select week 22

Parent Portal