Board of Trustees

Representation on Boards of Trustees

All of New Zealand’s state and state-integrated schools have a board of trustees. The board of trustees is the Crown entity responsible for the governance of the school. The board is the employer of all staff in the school and is responsible for setting the school’s strategic direction in consultation with parents, staff, and students, and for ensuring that its school provides a safe environment and quality education for all of its students. Boards are also responsible for overseeing the management of personnel, curriculum, property, finance, and administration.

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A Parent’s Guide to the Role of the Board of Trustees

NZSTA has developed “A Parent’s Guide to the Role of the Board of Trustees”, to provide information and advice for parents and caregivers on what they can expect from the board of trustees.

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The New Plymouth Boys’ High School Board Of Trustees

Board of Trustees



My name is Leigh Sampson (Cleland) and am currently the chairperson of NPBHS board of trustees.  I am married to Derek Sampson and we have two sons, Thomas Year 12,  and Henry Year 10.  I have worked in health for many years and am currently employed by Taranaki DHB as the Service Manager for Child and Maternal Health.  I have nine years experience as a board member, in Auckland and at NPBHS.  I have been chair at NPBHS since 2013.  My motivation for being on the board at NPBHS relates to the  governance role that boards play.  This includes  supporting student achievement and assisting to provide an environment and the resources, which enable all students at all levels to achieve and improve.  I believe that boys should be educated within an environment where they are encouraged to make the most of all the opportunities offered to them, and are supported to be the best they can be.



I am an Old Boy and have always been passionate about the school.  My two sons will be at school for the next 10 years. My eldest son, Jack, is in Year 10 and my youngest is a few years away from starting at the school – he is currently in Year 4 at Fitzroy Primary.

I was at the school myself from 1984 to 1988. That is a long time ago now, but I remember those years fondly. I had the honour of being head of Syme house in my Form 7 year and was the school golf champion that year – only because Grant Moorhead had finished school the year before. There was a significant drop in standard in 1988!

These days I am a lawyer at Govett Quilliam, and have been there since I finished university at the end of 1992. I have been a partner since 2000 and am one of the three partners (of 10 in total) who makes up our GQ board, with our CEO. I have been on the board of ‘Big Brothers, Big Sisters’ in Taranaki for about 10 years now, and am also a trustee of Te Puna Trust which is in the process of setting up the Early Start programme in Taranaki (a programme for at-risk young mothers).

I practise family law which means I deal with issues that affect families – primarily parents separating and working out their property settlements and care arrangements for children of the relationship.



As a teacher and mother of five sons, I am passionate about boys’ education.  Currently, I have a son in Year 13 and a son in Year 11 at Boys’ High.  Our younger sons are in Year 6, Year 4 and Year 1 at Welbourn Primary. My husband and I were dairy farmers in Stratford for twelve years before deciding to lease the farm and shift to the lower Northland to farm dry stock.  We shifted back to Taranaki in 2010 to give our boys the vast ranges of opportunities that New Plymouth has to offer.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Diploma in Teaching from Massey University.  I have been working in education for just over twenty years and have taught all levels in the primary and intermediate sector. I am a teacher and team leader at Welbourn Primary.  

Due to the fact that we will have an eighteen-year relationship with Boys’ High, I would like to make a greater contribution to the school and feel that being on the board offers the perfect opportunity. All students should have access to a quality education and NPBHS works hard to achieve this.  I believe my experiences and qualifications would help make a positive contribution to the excellent job that Boys’ High is already doing.  



I am a member of the current board and have been since 2012 when I was co-opted. My association with NPBHS started in 1982 when I attended the school as a student, having come from a boarding school in the South Island. I have one son who has completed his studies at NPBHS and my youngest is currently a Year 13 student. Both boys have been actively involved in the school. I see the school as an integral part of our community with the primary task to provide an environment in which our boys can achieve the best they can in a safe and supportive environment.  

I support the direction the school is currently heading in and have a great affinity and appreciation for the history of not only our school, but the role that a school of our standing has in New Zealand. NPBHS has faced a number of challenges over the last couple of years with the appointment of a new headmaster and the integrity of our buildings being assessed which has, and will require, ongoing long-term decisions to be made.

I was born in New Plymouth in 1966 (Yes 50) but have spent 20 of those years living outside the province. I currently work as a project manager in the city and live locally with my family. I have welcomed feedback on the school from people in the community and hope this continues to ensure we can provide the best environment for students, staff and the wider school community.



I hold the role of Chief Financial Officer in the Executive Leadership Team for TSB Bank.  A position that, as well as incorporating the financial aspects of the bank, covers strategic planning and governance activities. For six years I have filled the finance role on the Welbourn BOT, experiencing first-hand the challenging and ever-increasing compliance-orientated environment that a BOT must operate in, and how it interacts with the various regulatory bodies – a task that initially seemed rather daunting, but over time does become clearer.

I look to add value, in a governance role, to the professional leadership, teamwork, vision and environment that exists at NPBHS through the experiences gained in a senior role in the finance industry, as a member of the Welbourn BOT, and as a parent. I have particular interest in the vision that the school has towards developing its education philosophy to cater for the differing vocational outcomes for the boys, whether it be an academic focus or a non-academic one. Achieving the right learning environment to meet society’s expectations is a challenge for any school, given the current environment of fiscal constraints and legislative direction, but I’d value the opportunity to be part of, and work with, the NPBHS board and school in developing and achieving their vision.



I have a vested interest in the teaching and development of New Plymouth Boys High School; my interest stems primarily from my three sons completing their secondary education here presently, and in the future. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities of being an active trustee on the New Plymouth Boys’ High School Board. I understand the role of a board trustee within a school, having served 6 years as chairman of the Fitzroy Primary School Board.  I believe as a board, we need to provide professional support for the New Plymouth Boys’ High School management, teachers, and parents to create a dynamic educational environment for all of our sons.  I have been a police officer for 25 years and currently hold a senior leadership role across Taranaki.  I am married to my very supportive wife Carolyn, who is an Art teacher at New Plymouth Boys High School.



Linda Dickson is the staff representative on the Board Of Trustees.


Co-opted as a Parent Representative on the 05/12/18

Graham, Michael

Michael Graham is the Executive Officer and Board Secretary


2018/2019 Board of Trustees Student Representative