This was composed about 1928 and the theme of the words was based on the School Motto. The music was written by Mr J. Dobson who was a music master at the School, while the words were written by D.A. Stewart who was a Sixth Form Student at the time.

Mr Stewart later became prominent in the field of literature in Australia. He became literary editor of the Sydney Bulletin and gained widespread recognition as a literary critic, essayist, poet, and short-story writer.

Learning at School in strife to keep cool, playing the game, we take for our name,
Comradeship, valour and wisdom.

Laughing we bear the harsh with the fair, Keeping three-fold the scroll we uphold,
Comradeship, valour and wisdom.

Leaving the gates and facing our fates, Safe in the code, to victory the road,
Comradeship, valour and wisdom,

Passing through life, in work, game and strife, Bearing before our motto and law,
Comradeship, valour and wisdom.

We will fight for the right, honour the brave, We will keep till we sleep, to the rule that Rome gave,
Comradeship, valour and wisdom, Comradeship, valour and wisdom.