Academic Record

Boys schools and their success rates in NCEA exams.

A recent study undertaken by The Council for Educational Research and published by The Association of Boys Schools of New Zealand  reported that “…students at boys schools are getting better NCEA results than boys at comparable co-educational schools of similar decile rating.” This is at every level and every ethnic group.







The proportion of boys leaving decile 5 and 6 schools, having achieved NCEA Level 2 in 2012, was 69 % in co- educational schools but it was 77%  in boys schools.  New Plymouth Boys’ High School is a decile 7 school.










The study notes that “boys schools may be more likely to attract families with a particular commitment to them.”

“The highest-performing schools are good at ensuring new students identify with their school and its values, and provide a range of activities so boys experience the need for effort before achievement”, the study found.

The study looked at the results of 43 state and integrated boys’ schools, as well as 225 state and integrated co-educational schools. It considered achievement of University Entrance and NCEA Level 3 or its equivalent in other qualifications.

New Plymouth Boys’ High School is proud of its identity and its values, and offers a wide range of activities in our holistically-driven educational environment.

The school is proud of its academic focus and is committed to providing opportunities through excellent teaching, in order that students can excel in academic achievement at the national level.

Consistently New Plymouth Boys’ High School is the best-performing school in the region. We also compare favourably to similar size boys schools in New Zealand.














NCEA results 2013

Level 1 pass rate 72.8%

Level 2 pass rate 79.8%

Level 3 pass rate 68.7%

NCEA results 2012

Level 1 pass rate 70% (Literacy 90%, Numeracy 91%, Merit endorsement 39%, Excellence endorsement 16%)

Level 2 pass rate 81% (Merit endorsement 32%, Excellence endorsement 9%)   

Level 3 pass rate 73% (Merit endorsement 25%, Excellence endorsement 3%)