Device type for Years 11 – 13

Once a student gets to his senior years he will probably need a laptop that will meet the needs of any specialist requirements. Students will need to check with the HOD of his subjects as to what specialist software is used in their area. The school recommends departments use freeware as much as possible and so most departments are moving towards utilising open source software. However, some specialist software is still needed.

You should be able to shop around and get a low-end laptop for around $600 on a special. For these purposes we recommend that devices have 4GB RAM, (2GB will suffice for some subjects but not Music and Design), and also have wifi capability.

Recommended specifications for student devices:

  • Wireless networking capability using 802.11g or (NPBHS provides filtered wireless access for student use with their devices)
  • An on-screen or external keyboard or other means of entering text
  • An audio-out port and earbuds or headphones
  • A minimum 4 hours of use from one battery charge
  • The ability to run the Chrome web browser that will allow it to access Google Apps and other learning resources .

You may also wish to consider these features:

  • A camera that takes both still photos and video (front and rear cameras are most versatile)
  • A microphone

A robust bag for the laptop is very important.  Don’t let the laptop be put into the schoolbag along with everything else unless it is in a solid case.

If you have any questions about the purchase of a device please contact the school.