Device type for Years 9 and 10

Chromebook or Laptop?

Students in Years 9 and 10 who already own a device should bring it to school. For students who do not already own a device we recommend purchasing either a Windows laptop or a Chromebook.

The main requirements for a device is one which:

  • is portable – low weight and small dimensions.
  • has a battery life of at least 4 hours.
  • when using the device at school please ensure that the  cover or carry bag, is robust.
  • should last for at least three years with good care i.e. Years 9-11.

Again, if your son already has a laptop at home please feel free to use that. If it is an older device with poor battery life you may want to try it for suitability. If you want to purchase a low cost device then a Chromebook would be a good choice.  Once your son gets to his senior years – Years 12 and 13 – he may need a laptop rather than a Chromebook to run subject specific software. A Windows laptop is recommended as some subjects use software that is specific to Windows OS.

Note that the school policy is not to connect a student’s phone, or other device smaller than a 8” screen size, to our wireless network. Unless special permission is granted through your sons teacher and the SLT.