The Education Review Office (ERO) is an independent New Zealand Government authority that reviews the policies, processes, and teaching practice of every school in New Zealand. From their website there are public reports available on all schools. At New Plymouth Boys’ High School we are proud of our ERO reports as they continuously reflect the high quality of education that is provided by our school.

Partners In Learning

“You know your child better than anyone, including their strengths
and weaknesses, their interests and talents, and what works for
them. You are the most important out-of-school influence on your
child’s educational success.” (ERO)

Please view the following resource from ERO.

Partners in Learning sets out what parents can expect from their child’s school and, more importantly, how they can help their child do well at school. It describes what parents can do if they are concerned about their child’s learning and progress and what they can expect the school to do to help.