Te Haumaru Learning Centre

The Te Haumaru Learning Centre caters to the needs of students from the gifted and talented to those with moderate to high learning needs at all levels on the learning continuum.

Students are identified through: school enrolment procedures, teacher, parent and self-referral and school-wide assessments.

What we offer:

Interventions that are offered include:
• Gifted and talented individual education plans
• Yr9 Literacy Programmes
• Yr10 Literacy Programmes
• Mathematics Support
• Yr11-13 Special Assessment Conditions support
• In-class subject support
• 1-1 and group subject tutoring
• Individual education plans
• Transitioning between schools
• Excellent network of support between Guidance and multiple agencies.
• Safeguarding protocols – designated protocols to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our most vulnerable learners.

Special Education Needs

We work closely with the Ministry of Education, Special Education, RTLBs and specialists to provide a fully inclusive learning environment for those students with needs.
Programmes, the surroundings and courses are developed to suit the individual needs of all students. Teachers work collaboratively with skilled teaching assistants and advisors to provide the best possible learning opportunities for the boys.


The dedicated, skilled staff offer guidance and support in all learning areas.
To contact Te Haumaru, email: