There are many scholarships available to assist in gaining your education.

Secondary Level

Ministry of Education Boarding Allowances

The Ministry of Education offers generous boarding allowances for secondary school students. However, it is best to obtain up-to-date information directly from the Ministry of Education web-site ( with regard to these boarding allowances, due to the Ministry changing eligibility criteria from time to time.

J R McKenzie Youth Education Fund

Grants normally cover uniform, stationery, footwear and other expenses. Application forms are available from the Headmaster’s PA.

Clement Cave Scholarship

These boarding scholarships are offered to boys with ability. They are valued at one term’s fee and are tenable for one year and may be reviewed depending on academic progress and behaviour. Candidates will be either in Year 8 in the year of application and must sit examinations in English and Mathematics during the month of August, or will be enrolled in the school and selection will be based on academic progress and general involvement. Special consideration will be given to boys with sporting or cultural ability or both. Application forms are available from the Headmaster’s PA and must be completed and in the hands of the Headmaster by July 31, in the case of Year 8 applicants  by October 31 in the year of an application by parents of boys already enrolled in the school.

NB – Boys eligible for state bursaries are not, in general, eligible for a Cave Scholarship.


Due to donor support NPBHS can, from time to time, offer a limited number of BTE Grants each year for:

  •   Any student already enrolled at NPBHS; and
  •   Any student that will contribute positively to the school and is the example; and/or
  •   Any student where cost is a significant barrier to the student attending NPBHS.

The criteria and the application process is available from Dawn Eaton, Headmaster’s EA – executive.assistant@npbhs.

Tertiary Scholarships

A number of national and local scholarships exist for students attending tertiary institutions throughout the country. These may be accessed via the following websites:

Taranaki Scholarships

New Plymouth District Council Scholarships

TET Scholarships 

Scholarships offered by individual tertiary institutions can be accessed by their websites.

The LA Alexander Agricultural College Trust Board

Bursaries are available to tertiary students born or educated in Taranaki or Waverley. Students must be studying horticulture, agriculture or a related subject.

Henry Marfell Trust Scholarship

Open to any student of NPBHS who has completed at least one academic year at any University in a full-time course leading to a degree or diploma in agriculture or veterinary science or who is enrolled at any tertiary institution in a course which, in the Board’s opinion, complies with the terms of the late Henry Marfell’s will. Applications close with the Board Secretary of the NP Boys’ High School Board on March 31 each year.

Other Tertiary Scholarships

To see if you are eligible, following the link below.