Senior Prizegiving

Congratulations to the following leaders for 2020 announced at Senior Prize-giving yesterday!

Head of Donnelly 2020 – Kieran Deegan
Head of Barak 2020 – Kaia Ormsby
Head of Syme 2020 – Jone Rova
Head of Hatherly and Head Border for 2020 – Rowan Slater

Deputy Head Boy for 2020 – Fletcher Ferguson
Head Boy for 2020 – Brooklyn Greer-Atkins

Well done, gentlemen. We look forward to your leadership next year!

Kieran Deegan (Head of Donnelly)
Kaia Ormsby (Head of Barak)
Rowan Slater (Head of Hatherly and Head Boarder)
Jone Rova (Head of Syme)
Fletcher Ferguson (Deputy Head Boy)
Brooklyn Greer-Atkins (Head Boy 2020)