Frequently asked Questions

What happens if my son’s device runs out of battery during the day?

If students bring a device to school there are storage and charging facilities in the IT Student Support area. This is located at the top of the stairs, in the foyer to the computer rooms. Students should preferably use their school ID card as ID for leaving and collecting their laptop.

Will my son be able to use his device in every class?

If the teacher does not require the device to be used in a particular lesson, the expectation will be that it should be turned off and kept in the student’s bag.

What software will need to be loaded onto the device?

For most uses the Google suite of docs, spreadsheets,etc will be suitable. The tablet or netbook will need to be connected to the school’s wi-fi network for Google software to be functional. In the junior school, courses that require specialist software will usually work in computer labs.

Can I connect my phone to the school network?

The current school policy is not to connect a student’s phone, or other device smaller than an 8” screen size, to our wireless network

Can I play games on the school computers?

All students using school machines are NOT permitted to have computer games, exe files or videos (not related to school work) stored in your H: drive on the school network. (One reason for this policy is that we do not have space on our servers for anything other than educational work.)

Is my computer insured by the school?

The school’s insurance does not cover damage to your laptop, please check to see if your personal insurance covers laptop damage at school, and travelling to and from school.

I want to do a subject that has a laptop as compulsory but I don’t have one.

You will not be prevented from doing a subject because you do not have a device, the PTA have donated some laptops to the school, so please come and talk to the school about using one of our devices.

I have an old laptop at home will that be satisfactory?

If you have access to an older laptop it is worth trying it out to see if it will meet the requirements of the course.

Do I need a top-of-the-range laptop?

Expensive laptops aren’t always the best when considering things such as damage, life expectancy, changes to requirements.  Also consider the battery replacement costs.

I have a laptop at home that runs Windows XP, will that work?

Windows XP devices are no longer able to connect to our network.