Athletics is a summer sport and students compete in term one in the school’s Athletics Championships at the TET stadium in Inglewood. A team is selected for the Taranaki Secondary School Championships in March.


Selected athletes compete at the North Island and National Secondary Schools’ Championships as well.


Teacher Responsible: Mr Warren Drought


Competition and Teams:  All students at the school travel to the TET stadium in early March to compete in a range of competitive and non-competitive athletic field and track events. Some events will require qualifying events in the week prior to the athletics. The top athletes are selected to compete in the Taranaki secondary school event and from that competition a Taranaki team is selected to compete at North Island athletics late in Term 1. For the very top athletes, there is the chance to compete in the NZ Championships at the end of the school year.

Training: Students undertake their own personal training with some choosing to compete in the Taranaki athletics weekly competitions.

Uniform and Equipment: Students will need to compete in their house colours at the school events and a school singlet will be provided for the Taranaki events.

Cost: Trips away will involve some cost.