AgriScience Year 9

AgriScience Year 9 (Half Year) (9AGR)

The primary industries are the backbone of New Zealand’s economy and our way of life. AgriScience is the study of Agricultural and Horticultural Science. It is an applied science where students have the opportunity to learn by having hands-on experiences in a future-focussed curriculum.


Units studied include:
• Tool identification, use and maintenance.
• Plant physiology and propagation.
• Developing and maintaining a market garden.
• Soil science.
• A NZ Agricultural industry issue tailored to student interest.
• Animal husbandry.


Investigating in Science
• To plan a scientific investigation in an Ag/Hort Science context.
• To collect and process accurate data.

Communicating in Science

• To accurately record observations and measurements.
• To be able to write a concise report based on written information and/or practical work completed.
Understanding in Science
• To be able to understand scientific concepts and apply it to real life context within the primary industry.

Participating and Contributing in Science

• To be able to work as part of a team in a sensible and safe manner.
• To be able to make real-life connections from scientific concepts taught.
• Animal husbandry.


A variety of assessments will be used to measure students’ progress: reports, formal tests, practical and project-based work ensure a range of learning styles is catered for.