Art History Level 3

Art History Level 3 (Full Year) (L3ARHIF)

Level 3 Art History looks at the Renaissance in Italy from 1300 until 1530.  Students are encouraged to form opinions based on solid research, to examine the circumstances under  which art flourishes and to find meaning in and understanding of art works.  Students will learn to compose accurate and succinct essays and will gain

PREVIOUS STUDY:  Level 2 English or an accredited literacy subject is desirable.
12 credits


 Level  Credits  Lit / Num  Full Title  Method of
Assessment Opportunities Offered
 91485  3  4  L1 Lit, R Lit Art History 3.4 – Examine the impact of media and processes on art works  Assignment
 91486  3  4  L1 Lit, R Lit Art History 3.5 – Construct an argument based on interpretation of research in art history  Assignment
 91488  3  4  L1 Lit, R Lit Art History 3.7 – Examine the relationship(s) between a theory and art works  Assignment
 91482  3  4  L1 Lit, B Lit  Art History 3.1 – Demonstrate understanding of style in art works  Exam  External
 91483  3  4  L1 Lit, B Lit Art History 3.2 – Examine how meanings are communicated through art works  Exam  External
 91484  3  4  L1 Lit, B Lit Art History 3.3 – Examine the relationship(s) between art and context  Exam  External


Vocational Pathways

rosette-fullThe NZ Qualifications authority has identified six categories of jobs.  The aim is improve the relevance of learning for students by indicating how their learning and achievement is valued by broad sectors of the workforce. Vocational Pathways enables employers to assess whether potential employees’ skills align with their industry requirements more easily. This will be a real advantage when they look for work and training opportunities in the sector.

Students now have access to their personalised Vocational Profile on the NZQA website and it is important to students use this as tool to plan their subjects.  It shows the progress to achieving a formal Vocational Pathways Award.

More on vocational pathways can be found at  Vocational Pathways

  • Relevant Vocational Pathways links:
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing and Technology
  • Primary Industries
  • Service Industries
  • Social and Community Services
  • Creative Industries