Arts Year 9

Arts Year 9 (Full Year) (9ART) (9MUS)

All Year 9 students will do an Arts course which is a half-year course that lays the groundwork for further Arts study in the school.

Visual Arts Content and Skills

Students will use drawing as a generative base for activities in printmaking, design, and painting. Basic aspects of art-making practice will be investigated through practical projects. Students will study some aspects of New Zealand Māori and Pasifika art. This course, and the Year 10 Art course, also serve as a preparation for the senior Art options.


Music Content and Skills

  • Learning the language of music
  • Theory
  • Basic analysis of music
  • Developing ideas in music
  • Composition
  • Communicating and interpreting meaning in music
  • Performance on student’s own instrument
  • Understanding music in context

The study of music history, styles and genres. Students will compose simple music, analyse simple musical scores, learn basic elements of music, and explore various musical styles and genres.