Business Studies Year 9

Business Studies Year 9 (Half Year) (9BUS)

Business Studies has developed from New Zealand’s belief in the need for students to leave school with economic understanding, an enterprising can-do attitude, and the skills and knowledge to make a meaningful contribution to their community. Business Studies, which is a half-year course, is a cross-curricular subject which focuses on resources and how we can better add value to them.

Content and Skills

• The origins of business, the idea of specialisation, surplus, trade, early trade in NZ, Māori/European trade.
• The history of business in Taranaki. Case studies eg Chew Chong, Newton King, Noel Yarrow etc. including the predominance in the past of the dairy industry in Taranaki’s history.
• A brief look at the range of business structures.
• Modern day business in Taranaki; examples of successful business.
• NZ/International entrepreneurs.
• Building your own skills as an entrepreneur.
• Introduction to group-work skills. Using a variety of problem-solving skills, eg fishbone, de Bono’s hats etc.
• Applying the group skills; vegemobile, fashion parade etc.
• Simple business planning.
• Business planning activity in groups to plan a good/service/activity etc to benefit as many students as possible at NPBHS.
• Marketing at a very introductory level of the above product/service.
• Businesses large and small. Research a business of each size, eg the history of that business, strengths/weaknesses of that size, problems faced and solved etc.