Ancient Roman and Greek Civilisation (Classics) Year 9

This subject gives students an understanding and appreciation of the classical world, particularly Roman, and to increase student awareness of their own culture and that of others.
This leads towards Ancient Roman and Greek Civilisation (Classics) in the senior school.

Ancient Roman Civilisation & Language (Classics) (Half Year) (9ARC)


The course is based on Level 4 of the Social Sciences area of the New Zealand Curriculum and Levels 1 and 2 of the Learning Languages Curriculum area. The course consists of the following modules:
• Identity – how it is developed at a personal, societal and national level, and includes family and state customs.
• Class structure:
• Daily Life – according to status in society.
• Housing – different types.
• Food and hospitality. Students will share a
classically-inspired lunch at the end of the course.
• Beliefs – founding stories, gods and goddesses, and ideas of courage and virtue.


Students will:
• Translate with English help some Latin extracts and phrases.
• Communicate information and ideas in English about Roman social life.
• Demonstrate understanding of connections and/or connecting ideas between Latin words, phrases and images used in the world today.


There will be assessments throughout the course. Project and individual work.