Computer Science Year 9

Computer Science Year 9 (Half Year) (9COS)

The focus of Computer Science is to begin to develop an understanding of the skills involved in coding and programming. Developing digital literacy skills that transfer across all curriculum areas is also included. Project work will allow students to improve their understanding of how to apply skills and knowledge in a creative and original way.

IT Requirements

This course is designed for students to be able to complete using a Windows laptop. Classroom desktops are also available for those without a laptop. All software is open source so will be free for students to download and install.
Note: Students can take just this course, or combine with the 9 Digital Media course as the content is different.


The main areas of learning are:
• Develop digital literacy skills in research.
• Gain an understanding of good file-management practices.
• The three main structures which make up good programmes will be investigated using a drag and drop programme.
• Coding using online programming interfaces.
• Writing code in Turtle Python.
• Creating a game in Scratch programming.


Students will learn and develop:
• Coding structures and how to apply them in a program – sequential statements, loops and conditional statements
• Writing a computer program using drag and drop and a text-based language.
• Logical application of skills to a new problem
• Research skills and time management in developing a project.
• Independent learning.
• Knowledge of technology-specific language and its meaning.


• Students will be evaluated on both their practical work and written work. Students choose a topic or combine several topics to create a project. Students may also enter online competitions which is based on computer science problem-solving.
• Problem-solving in computer science areas.
• Evaluating design ideas.
• Planning and managing their own project.