Digital Media Year 9

Digital Media Year 9 (Half Year) (9DIG)

The focus of Year 9 Digital Media, is to begin to develop an understanding of the skills involved in researching, designing, and creating a range of media including web pages, graphic images, and animations. The students will develop digital literacy and project skills that transfer across all curriculum areas. Project work will allow students to improve their understanding of how to apply skills and knowledge in a creative and original way.
IT Requirements
This course is designed for students to be able to complete using a laptop. School desktop computers are also available. All software is open source, so will be free for students to download and install.
Note: Students can take just this course, or combine with the 9 Computer Science course as the content is different.


The main areas of learning are:
• Graphic design.
• Web design and coding using html and inline css.
• Digital literacy and visual communication.
• Research.
• Simple animation including coded animation and video creation.
• Project work – Propose, design and make.


Students will learn and develop skills in:
• Creating and editing images.
• Learning html tags and basic inline css.
• Understanding digital communication.
• Finding information.
• Storing and retrieving information
• Creating animation.
• Collaboration.
• Project management and problem-solving.


Students will be evaluated on both their practical work and written work.