Drama Year 9

Drama – Year 9 (Half Year Option) (9DRA)

This course provides an opportunity for students to develop their personal confidence. An immensely practical course, Drama looks to encourage students to explore their voice, body-language, movement, and use of space.


Students will have the opportunity to perform and will learn the ins and out of a dramatic performance. They will have options to play more central roles on the stage, or learn a range of backstage roles that are equally important to the success of a dramatic performance.
This course will provide a clear platform into pursuing Drama at NCEA Level 1. The course consists of:
• Voice techniques and skills to strengthen vocal expression.
• Basic understanding of drama techniques.
• Taking part in a dramatic performance.
• Working together to create a play.


Students will improve vocal confidence and learn dramatic skills in order to realise a drama performance.


Students will take part in a dramatic performance.