English Year 9

English Year 9 (Full Year) (9ENG)

English is a compulsory core subject taken by all Year 9 students. The course provides a balance of written, spoken, and visual language. The aim is for students to develop their thinking, knowledge, and skills, amid a wide variety of language situations, including an understanding of the use of English in other curriculum areas.


Students will study a full mixture of language and literature, including a balance of: Novel, Short Stories, Poetry, Drama, Film, Oral, and Visual Texts.

These studies will look at the ideas, the structures, and the language used, as well as understanding the relevance to their own world. Special attention is paid to the study of unfamiliar text, encouraging students to develop the knowledge and skills to respond to language in a wide variety of unfamiliar situations. Students will also be expected to be involved in reading outside the classroom to develop a broader appreciation of the written word.


  • Thinking – to engage with a range of language.
  • Speaking – in a range of situations.
  • Writing – in a variety of registers.
  • Listening – in a range of situations.
  • Reading – a wide range of genres.
  • Use of information technology in a range of activities for learning.
  • Self-management – including planning, homework, participation, and completion.


Assessment is carried out in a variety of forms. While teacher assessment remains a crucial part of the course, peer assessment encourages students to take control of their own learning. This is reinforced by regular formative comments from the teacher.
During the year, students complete common assessments to allow monitoring of student improvement. These assessments enable us to determine their progress and prepare them for successive years in English.