French Year 9

French Year 9 (Half Year) (9FRE)

An introduction for students to the French language and daily life of French-speakers. The students will develop the ability to understand and communicate in simple French and to appreciate the French way of life.


The course is based on Levels 1 and 2 of the Learning Languages area of the New Zealand Curriculum, and the Curriculum Guide for French. The course consists of a wide variety of content, including the following:
• Introductions – saying who you are, giving national identity, greeting people, saying farewell, and giving a date.
• You and others – giving further information about yourself and others, saying where you/they live, and the languages you/they speak.
• School subjects and food – describing your daily routine, your school, saying what you eat, and what you like and dislike, telling the time.
• How to get around – describing your city and home, giving directions, and saying how you travel to places.


Students will:
• Learn to communicate in very basic conversation.
• Understand simple spoken French based on the topics studied.
• Learn to read and write in French.


There will be assessments throughout the course, project and individual work. All will cover the four language skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.