Geography Year 10

Geography is a compulsory core subject taken by all Year 10 students, as part of their Social Sciences course.

The course provides a balance of physical and cultural geography, with a focus on how people affect the environment. The aim is for students to develop their knowledge and thinking skills ,as well as to gain an understanding of the world that they live in. There is also a focus on current events and understanding some of the big global issues we face.


Year 10 Social Science – Geography

The course is divided into a number of different areas of investigation:

  • Water World. This topic investigates rivers and flooding. Field work on a local river will be undertaken as part of this topic.
  • Eco – Warriors. This topic explores some of the big environmental issues we face as a global community. Topics include population growth, water, pollution, resource use (including energy and fishing), and climate change.
  • Special Topics. Other topics that will be investigated are topics making the news.
  • Skills. Key Geographic skills will be integrated throughout the topics being taught.