Graphics Year 9

Graphics Year 9 (Half Year) (9GRA)

Graphics is the subject of visual communication through drawing, design and presentation techniques. Any student considering a career or vocation where design, drawing or the interpretation of drawings is required should consider taking the subject. Freehand sketching, technical drawing, and the use of 3 dimensional computer-aided modelling, along with design and presentation skills are all used for portfolio assessment through to Year 13.


During this course students will learn:
• An awareness of the principles and skills of the design process and its application in solving basic design problems.
• Freehand sketching techniques that will enable them to commit their design ideas to paper.
• To render drawings to indicate form and texture.
• The elementary use and care of drawing instruments.
• The drawing standards that are appropriate in Graphics.
• The use of multiple-views of an object to convey information needed for production Graphics.
• Basic geometry to construct angles, divide lines, construct simple polygons and understand their applications.
• The elementary techniques of isometric and perspective drawing to enable them to produce realistic presentation drawings.
• To produce elementary 3 dimensional computer models which will increase their awareness of the role that the computer plays in all forms of spatial communication.


Students will improve their skills in the following areas:
• Sketching.
• Instrumental drawing.
• Shading and rendering.
• The use of the computer for 3-dimensional computer modeling.
• Developing design solutions for a product design.


Assessment will include:
• Classwork – samples marked to assess the understanding and application of the skills being taught, along with a small design portfolio.