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English, Mathematics, Science or Agriculture & Horticulture are compulsory at Level 1. Students select 6 units of optional subjects – a full year course is worth 2 units and half-year is 1 unit.


National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) is the main secondary school qualification in New Zealand. Level 1 NCEA is normally for Year 11 students (Form 5 under the old system).

When a student achieves a standard, they gain a number of credits. At Level 1 they must obtain 80 credits to gain an NCEA Level 1 certificate. This must include 10 literacy and 10 numeracy credits.

Students are recognised for high achievement at each level by gaining NCEA with Merit or NCEA with Excellence. High achievement in a course is also recognised. For more information, read about Endorsements.

80 credits at Level 1 or above
(including 10 literacy credits and 10 numeracy credits)
Total = 80 credits

Video on how to Understand NCEA

Below is a list of all Level 1 Subjects