Māori Performing Arts Level 3

Māori Performing Arts Level 3 (Full Year) (L3MAOPF)

Prior Learning:
Future Pathways/Subjects: Further education in the area of Mahi Toi as well as opportunities in the tourism industry
Year 13 Māori Performing Arts is a Level 2/3 course. It has both practical and theory elements and is supportive of Te Reo Mea Ona Tikanga Māori. Term 4 will be used for the completion of unfinished Unit Standards or extension Unit Standards.
INTERNAL CREDITS : Level 2 34 Credits; Level 3 27 Credits

Standard Number Level Credits Lit / Num Full Title Method of Assessment Assessment Opportunities Offered
22756 3 10 Perform  a Maori performing  arts bracket Assignment
15020 3 6 Perform whakaraka Practical
17383 3 3 Explain the importance, and demonstrate correct  pronunciation, of Maori place  names Assignment
17384 3 3 List and use  a range of te reo Maori greetings and farewells  in tourism Practical
17784 3 5 Examine and recite appropriate karakia  in tourism Maori Practical
13359 2 6 Demonstrate knowledge and skills of moteatea Assignment
13363 2 6 Demonstrate knowledge and skills of waiata  a-ringa Assignment
13367 2 10 Demonstrate knowledge and skills of poi Assignment
13371 2 6 Demonstrate knowledge and skills of haka Assignment
15019 2 6 Demonstrate knowledge and skills of whakaraka Practical

Vocational Pathways

The NZ Qualifications Authority has identified six categories of jobs.  The aim is to improvrosette-fulle the relevance of learning for students by indicating how their learning and achievement is valued by broad sectors of the workforce. Vocational Pathways enables employers to assess whether potential employees’ skills align with their industry requirements more easily. This will be a real advantage when they look for work and training opportunities in the sector.

Students now have access to their personalised Vocational Profile on the NZQA website and it is important to students use this as a tool to plan their subjects.

More on vocational pathways can be found at  Vocational Pathways

  • Relevant Vocational Pathways links:
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing and Technology
  • Primary Industries
  • Service Industries
  • Social and Community Services
  • Creative Industries