Māori Year 10

Māori Year 10 (Half Year) (10MAO)

Māori students will continue to learn conversational Māori in practical situations which reflect Māori heritage, value, and customs.  By examining these, they will be able to apply this knowledge and language competency in real-life situations such as powhiri and tangihanga. Emphasis is on oral Māori practice using practical experiences such as weaponry drills, preparing a hangi, and kapa haka as a means of producing conversational Māori opportunities. Written content is based on various textbooks and tape series. It encompasses an oral, aural, as well as a written approach to learning Te Reo Māori.

Students will learn through performing such as speech-making, performing action songs, and haka. The students are encouraged to participate in the school kapa haka group and attend its official engagements.

Year 9 Māori

Level 1 Māori