Te Reo Māori Year 9

Te Reo Māori Year 9 (Half Year) (9MAO)

Te Reo Māori is a subject that encompasses a range of skills and values associated with Māori heritage. The subject’s main focus is to develop a standard of conversational Te Reo Māori that students can use in everyday situations.
The students will examine customs and Te Reo in many different media such as art, performing arts, and language lessons.


The course intent is to study the language using practical activities to encourage language acquisition. Activities could be simple, to Mau Rakau drills, Māori cooking, localised history, learning haka, and waiata.
By using practical activities, it is hoped to keep interest high in the subject and keep writing and reading skills for later development in Years 11-13.
It is important that students learn the feelings, ideas, and attitudes involved. This supports the view that learning Te Reo Māori and Tikanga (culture) are very strongly linked, and reinforce each other.
An emphasis will also be placed on “Performance” with an individual (speaker) or school group (Kapa haka) as a means of self-esteem building.

  • Mau Rakau – Local History
  • Karakia – Mahi Hangi
  • Mihimihi – Panui Kiwaha
  • Whaikōrero – Kapa Haka
  • Kupu Hou – Ngā Kemu Māori


• Develop satisfaction and self-esteem from learning Te Reo Māori, and Tikanga Māori.
• Develop confidence and an awareness in typical Māori situations.
ie Hui Māori that concern the school.
• Perseverance.
• Be prepared to display cultural and language learning in performance-type atmospheres.
ie public speaking and culture club.
• To show a respectful and responsible attitude to learning the ideals and philosophies of Māori Tikanga.


Students will be assessed at the beginning and end of each unit.