Mathematics Year 9

Mathematics Year 9 (Full Year) (9MAT)

Mathematics is a compulsory part of our year 9 course. The work covers Levels 3 to 5 of the New Zealand Curriculum depending on the level of the student.
Calculators are used in class and it is recommended that they have a scientific calculator.


•  Number and Algebra.
•  Measurement and Geometry.
•  Statistics and Probability.


•  Clear communication of mathematical ideas.
•  Investigating and problem-solving.
•  Applying Mathematics and modelling.
•  Understanding Mathematics in context.
•  Critical evaluation of statistical information.


A variety of testing methods are used to gain information as to how students are progressing. This includes the use of PAT, e-asTTle and class tests. Along with this classroom teachers use ongoing formative and summative assessments.
Homework is done using the Education Perfect website. This is an engaging online mathematics learning tool for students and has in-depth, analytical features for teachers.