Health & Physical Education Year 9

Health & Physical Education Year 9 (Full Year) (9HPE)

Year 9 Health & Physical Education classes will be divided into two streams. All Year 9 Health & Physical Education students will take part in the Total Well-Being course with a focus on all-round health and well-being/Hauora.

Content & Skills

• Social responsibility – working with others.
• Movement – fundamental movement skills and patterns.
• Invasion games.
• Getting along.
• Games for understanding (TGFU).
• Nutrition.
• Summer sports.
• Sexuality.
• Understanding fitness.
• Winter sports – football and Australian Rules.
• Summer sports – softball, cricket.

Total Well-Being/Hauora

Learning through Health and Physical Education, students will develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to make informed decisions that will allow them to act in ways that contribute to personal well-being and the well-being of others.


Students progress will be assessed using a variety of methods including:
• development of movement skill.
• written assessments including tests and take-home projects.
• self-assessment.
• teacher observation.


All students will be required to purchase and wear the school physical education T-shirt.