Athlete Development Programme Year 9

Athlete Development Programme Year 9 (Half Year) (9ADP)

Students that have an interest in sports will be able to apply for entry into the Athlete Development Programme option course.

Athlete Development Programme

Students are selected for sport-specific classes through a series of skills and fitness tests. The course is designed to develop fundamental skills, strength and conditioning, good training habits, and develop the required mindset for successful participation in sport.
It has a student-centred focus where particular attention is not only focused on the above, but on tracking well-being and wrapping support around the athlete when required.
Participation in this course will develop a high level of understanding of what is required to become a successful sportsman and a quality young man.


Entry to the Athlete Development Programme course requires:

  • Application at Year 8.
  • Attendance at a Year 8 skills & fitness assessment open day.
  • Playing for the school in their chosen sport.

Content and Skills

  • Fitness testing.
  • Strength and conditioning.
  • Sports-specific tactics, strategies, and skills with highly qualified and experienced coaches.
  • Sport psychology:
    – Highlighting achievement.
    – Being brave.
    – Solving problems.
  • Injury prevention and management.
  • Nutrition and hydration.
  • Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD).