Technology Electronics Year 9

Technology Electronics Yr 9 (Half Year) (9TEE)

Students in Electronics Technology will have the option to show innovation and use their creative abilities to solve problems and produce technological outcomes that resolve real needs and opportunities.


Electronics technology is a creative activity aimed at meeting needs and opportunities through the development of electronic products via Computer modelling, Prototyping and finally produced on Printed Circuit Board
(PCB). Projects can include Moisture sensors using transistors, Multi-purpose alarms using 555 Timers, etc. From Year 10, students are introduced to microprocessors that require programming.


The course aims to cover the following topics:
• Investigate a problem and formulate designs that reflect an actual need.
• Learn about electronic components and how to use them.
• Learn to use a range of tools and test equipment.
• Develop safe working practices in a workshop environment.
However, it is important that students appreciate the academic demands of the subject and its intention to
prepare them for continuing to study Electronics at Level 1 and beyond.


The components of each module will be assessed against the national objectives for the learning area of Technology. All theory is offered via Google Classroom.