Technology Metal Year 9

Technology Metal Yr 9 (Half Year) (9TEM)

Students in this course will develop skills and knowledge through the process of making a product within an engineering workshop. It will cover a range of techniques that evolve into the completion of a finished product.


Metal technology is a hands-on course designed to familiarise students with common engineering materials and machinery. It will introduce students to sketching and drawing skills used in an engineering environment and also important skills such as planning, evaluation and managing themselves and others while producing a hand-built product within a school workshop.


Whilst the development of practical, design and problem-solving skills are given emphasis throughout the course, the students will also be expected to develop values such as: aiming for high standards, innovation, integrity, and participation.
The key competencies of thinking, use of technical language and symbols, managing themselves and being responsible, relating to others, and participating and contributing are keys to learning and taking an active part in the subject of Technology.


Students will be assessed against working safely, creatively, independently, and accurately within a workshop environment.