Technology (Wood) Level 3

Technology is described as invention by design, where project outcomes are developed to cover a need or realise an opportunity.


Level 3 Technology Wood:

Technology is descripted as intervention by design; the use of practical and intellectual abilities to develop outcomes that expand human possibilities by addressing needs and realising opportunities.  Wood Technology is a stimulating and demanding course where students have the opportunity to work through a technological process specifically designing projects in and using timber as the main medium.  They will have the opportunity to show innovation and use their creative abilities to solve problems and produce technological outcomes that resolve real needs and opportunities.  The development and application of related knowledge in tools, materials and processes that specifically relate to the woodworking environment will be taught.


The focus of Technology is on developing students’ capabilities in the following 3 strands:

  •    Technological knowledge; understanding the place of functional modelling, the selection and use of materials and manufacturing systems in a project.
  •    Technological practice; planning, designing, making and evaluating technological outcomes.
  •    The nature of technology; the use and acceptance of technological systems, processes and outcomes by people.


The development of:

  •    Practical skills through the selection and use of hand tools to make projects.
  •    Safe workshop practices and conduct.
  •    Design and problem-solving skills.
  •    Evaluation and reflection on testing and final project outcomes.

Values such as aiming for high standards, innovation, integrity and participation will also be encouraged

Key competencies of thinking, use of technical language and symbols, managing themselves and being responsible, relating to others and participating and contributing are key learning and taking an active part in the subject of Technology.

Costs: $120.00 for the consumables materials in the take home project work.



Completion of the Level 2 Technology Wood course; achieving all of the 18 credits from the 3 core assessment standards.

IT Requirements:
A laptop is desirable for all students choosing this subject for the distribution of electronic resources and the recording of your own project progression. 3D computer modeling and CAD drawings can be produced in this course.

18 credits
Tertiary courses in product design or creative/critical thinking skills.


Vocational Pathways

rosette-fullThe NZ Qualifications authority has identified six categories of jobs.  The aim is improve the relevance of learning for students by indicating how their learning and achievement is valued by broad sectors of the workforce. Vocational Pathways enables employers to assess whether potential employees’ skills align with their industry requirements more easily. This will be a real advantage when they look for work and training opportunities in the sector.

Students now have access to their personalised Vocational Profile on the NZQA website and it is important to students use this as tool to plan their subjects at Level 1. It shows the progress to achieving a formal Vocational Pathways Award.

More on vocational pathways can be found at  Vocational Pathways

  • Relevant Vocational Pathways links:
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing and Technology
  • Primary Industries
  • Service Industries
  • Social and Community Services
  • Creative Industries