Technology Wood Year 9

Technology Wood Yr 9 (Half Year) (9TEW)

Within the context of Wood Technology the students will show innovation and adaptation in their technological practice and specific design processes. They will make enterprising use of knowledge, skills and practices to make specific hard-materials outcomes. Students will develop an understanding of key workshop processes as well as improving practical skills in a woodwork shop.


In Wood Technology the students produce a range of outcomes based in a workshop. The main emphasis is on Technological Practice where the students are expected to make decisions and design a project based around an opportunity or need. The main project is a BBQ tote box. In consultation with parents and other stakeholders the boys design, plan the construction and develop the outcome of their BBQ tote, to their own brief. Quality control and evaluation of the outcome, by the students, is key in producing a project that meets specifications.


The Wood Technology course will allow students to be creative and show ingenuity with project work covering:
• Practical, design and problem-solving skills.
• Development of innovation and creativity.
• The safe selection and use of tools, machinery and materials.
• Participation and perseverance within group work.


The components of each module will be assessed against the national objectives for the learning area of Technology. We will specifically assess and report on these aspects:
• Practical skills (covers beginning test-joints and ongoing project work; includes accuracy).
• Effective use of tools and equipment (application to all aspects throughout the course; includes knowledge of, and selection and application of, the most appropriate tools and equipment).
• Project development and procedures (technological practice; includes project planning – following stages and design specifications, practical skills in assembling the project(s), folder work, tests etc).
• Safe and appropriate conduct (ongoing and applicable throughout the year and to a range of situations).