The Arts Year 9

Drama, Music, Visual Art, or Performance Music – Year 9 (Compulsory) (9DRA) (9ART) (9MUS) (9PER)

All Year 9 students will do an arts course which is a half-year course that lays the groundwork for further arts study in the school. They can select from Visual Art, Music, Performance Music, or Drama.


Content and Skills

• Voice techniques and skills to strengthen vocal expression.
• Basic understanding of drama techniques.
• Taking part in a dramatic performance.
• Working together to create a play.

Students will improve vocal confidence and learn dramatic skills in order to realise a drama performance.


Students will take part in a dramatic performance.

Or Music/Performance Music

Content and Skills

• Learning the language of music.
• Theory.
• Basic analysis of music.
• Developing ideas in music.
• Communicating and interpreting meaning in music.
• Performance on student’s own instrument.

Students will analyse simple musical scores, learn basic elements of music, and explore various musical styles and genres through performance.


A combination of written test, and practical performances.

Or Visual Art

Content and Skills

The Art department is a stimulating inclusive learning environment where our students enjoy innovative personalised learning.
The Year 9 course is practical, hands-on, and provides opportunities for students to be creative, take risks, and problem-solve.
Through studying and making art works, students respond to and make sense of themselves and their community, their society, and the world in a new and different ways.


Students will be evaluated on the practical work they produce in drawing, painting, design, and printmaking.