Music Year 9

Music Year 9 (Half Year) (9MUS)

This is a practical course that involves basic guitar/keyboard playing and a little music theory.
This course is designed to actively involve students in the creative process and to foster an appreciation for music. This half-year course is not intended for the student who wants to pursue NCEA Music theory in the senior school. During this course the students will learn basic playing.


Students are encouraged to learn a musical instrument for the duration of the year. Students may choose from private tuition outside school or tuition through the school itinerant music programme.
Students who enjoy Music in term 1 and 2, may elect to choose Performance Music for terms 3 and 4.


• Learning the basic language of music theory.
• Basic analysis of music.
• Communicating and interpreting meaning in music.
• Performance on guitar or keyboard.
• Aural skills.


Students will learn to read basic music and notation, analyse simple musical scores, learn basic elements of music, and explore various musical styles and genres.


A combination of an aural/knowledge test and a practical assessment.