Performance/Advanced Music Year 9

Performance/Advanced Music Yr 9 (Half Year) (9PER)

The Year 9 Performance Music option is designed for the music student who already plays a musical instrument and wishes to be in a band. Students who already play a musical instrument may want to begin learning another instrument.
The emphasis is on reading music and practical development leading to NCEA Music.


All students need an instrument. There are hire schemes available. They are required to have practical music lessons either through the itinerant programme or privately should they wish.

Content and Skills

For guitar players who wish to play in school ensembles such as the Jazz Big Band, reading music (not TAB) is a prerequisite and this course would be the first step towards achieving that. The course is designed to provide basic playing skills, music-reading, basic theory, solo and group performance, and aural skills. This course is intended for students intent upon pursuing Performance Music in Year 10 in preparation for NCEA in the senior school.
• Reading music.
• Group performance.
• Solo performance.
• Completion of set theory work.
• Aural skills.


• Progressive study pieces performed.
• Participation and ensemble skills.
• Written tests.
A donation of $50 is requested to cover additional itinerant lessons necessary for this course.