New Plymouth Boys’ High School works on a six-day timetable

Every day of the week is allocated a number from 1 – 6.

On any given day each student will have five, 55-minute periods, with four periods before lunch and one period after lunch. On Monday and Friday the school has a Full School Assembly at 1.05pm to 1.30pm prior to lunch. Thursdays at this time are either Year Group or House Assemblies and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays this time is pastoral and administration time with the students’ group teacher.

Period 1

Start: 8.40am
End:  9.35am

Period 2

Start: 9.40am
End: 10.35am


Start: 10.35am
End: 11.05am

Period 3

Start: 11.10am
End: 12.05pm

Period 4

Start: 12.10pm
End: 1.05pm


Start: 1.05pm
End: 1.30pm


Start: 1.30pm
End: 2.10pm

Period 5

Start: 2.15pm
End: 3.10pm