Adventure Racing is a popular and rapidly growing multi-disciplinary sport that integrates physical skills, endurance, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. New Plymouth Boys’ High School is delighted to provide students with the opportunity to cultivate these skills through a diverse range of activities and events, often in collaboration with New Plymouth Girls’ High School.

New Plymouth Boys’ High School stands out as one of New Zealand's foremost institutions in Adventure Racing. Our students can actively participate in various disciplines such as mountain running, orienteering, rogaining, and adventure races.

Located in the picturesque Taranaki region, our school benefits from the natural environment, granting students easy access to an array of thrilling adventure activities including kayaking, rock climbing, skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, and mountain biking, to name just a few.

Teacher in charge: Mr Phil Hewlett

Competition and Teams: The school enters teams into the NZ Secondary Schools Go-for-12 event and a range of other events lasting from 6 to 12 hours in duration. The pinnacle of the competitions is the five-day Hillary Challenge event based at the Outdoor Pursuits Centre in Tongariro National Park. Junior adventure racers get the opportunity to compete in the Get-2-Go competition, along with other races.

Training times: Students will need to be self-motivated and disciplined as a significant amount of multi-disciplinary training is required to compete successfully.

Uniform and Equipment: Students will need to provide their own personal outdoor clothing which is suitable for outdoor environments and a range of conditions. Some equipment is available on a loan basis.

Cost: Subs vary from year to year, and there is a cost for trips away.