Cycling, a demanding and challenging sport, thrives in our region. Thanks to the Bell Block velodrome, a fantastic bike park, and some of New Zealand's finest country roads, we have an ideal cycling environment.

This sport is year-round, featuring road riding in winter and track racing in summer. To get started, you'll need a reliable road bike, a high-quality helmet, and clip-in cycling shoes. If you lack a bike, we can help you secure a loaner through the New Plymouth Cycling Club.

Training includes endurance rides lasting up to three hours on Thursdays during the SCP period in winter. In summer, the focus shifts to track racing, held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Throughout the year, there's a wealth of school events, both local and national, spanning road and track disciplines. Additionally, junior cyclists benefit from a supportive club racing environment offered by the local cycling club.

Teacher in charge: Mr Michael Parker

Competition and Teams: All secondary schools events and club racing.

Training: Thursdays during winter, and Tuesdays and Thursdays during summer.

Uniform and Equipment: Road-racing bike, helmet, clip-in shoes and cycling gear

Cost: Subs vary from year to year, and there is a cost for trips away.