2024 Stationery Lists

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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Technology is not only here to stay, it is moving at lightning fast speed. To equip young learners with the skills and experience necessary to lead in the workforce we need to incorporate modern tools to facilitate changes in learning as our approach to Blended Learning –  integrating IT into everyday classroom teaching.

Year 9 Students

Recommended devices: Chromebook or  Laptop

If you already have a device at home you do not need to buy a new one. If buying new, we recommend a chromebook or laptop so your son can use it throughout his time at NPBHS. 

Year 10 Students

Recommended devices: Chromebook or  Laptop

Tablets are not able to be used in NCEA digital examinations which are now required at Year 10.

Year 11-13 Students

Recommended device: Laptop

Laptop - preferably with 8GB RAM or more for Year 11-13 subjects: Art, Graphics, Design, Engineering, Computer Science, Digital Media, Music and Electronics. 

Laptop - must have 8GB RAM or more for Year 12-13 Photography.

Windows laptops are recommended.

All laptops require an audio port and earbud type headphones.