When parents sign the enrolment form to enter NPBHS they are signing an agreement that they will do everything to ensure that their sons obey the stated uniform regulations. These rules also apply when the student is travelling to and from school.
In particular:
  • Hair should be clean, groomed, a natural colour of no more than moderate length, off the collar and away from the eyes. Extreme styles such as: dreadlocks, braids, No1’s, mohawks, colours, hair-ties, raised hair, stripes, or rats’ tails are unacceptable.
  • Hat: only uniform shop hats able to be worn. Hats must not be worn inside.
  • Facial hair: must be clean shaven.
  • Headphones: only bud-type headphones allowed and can only be used at interval and lunchtime.
  • Shirt to be tucked in at all times. No t-shirts under school shirt.
  • School jersey: no holes or other black tops.
  • Socks must be pulled up over the calf and to the knee.
  • The NPBHS school jacket is the only jacket to be worn with the school uniform. A full-length raincoat may be used to and from school if raining. No hoods to be worn inside.
  • No jewellery allowed other than a wristwatch and no visible piercing.
  • Phones: no phones to be used in classes or assemblies.
  • Shoes: black dress shoes – must take a shine (not canvas) or black leather sandals with backstrap up.
School Uniform

Shirt: Grey with monogram.

Shorts: Charcoal shorts. The long surfie-type are not acceptable.

Jersey: Black with monogram.

Jacket: School jacket.

Sandals: Plain black and leather. Must have a strap around the back with no writing or advertising and worn with shorts only. Jandals are prohibited.

Shoes: Plain black leather (must take a shine), not canvas skate shoes or sports shoe type.

Socks: Black with bands in white and gold.

PE Gear: PE shirt available from Uniform Shop.

Black pants: available from Uniform Shop.