We provide a variety of specialist programmes for students with moderate to high learning needs.

Students are identified through: school enrolment procedures, teacher, parent and self-referral and school-wide assessments.

Interventions are offered that includes:
  • Year 9 Literacy and Numeracy support.
  • Year 10 Literacy and Numeracy support.
  • Year 11-13 Special Assessment Conditions support.
  • In-class subject support.
  • 1-1 and group subject tutoring.
  • Individual education plans.
  • Transitioning between schools.
Special Education Needs

We work closely with the Ministry of Education, Special Education, RTLBs and specialists to provide a fully inclusive learning environment for those students with special learning needs.

Programmes, the surroundings and courses are developed to suit the individual needs of all students. Teachers work collaboratively with skilled teaching assistants and advisors to provide the best possible learning opportunities for the boys.

We have well developed pathways to transition students for life and learning after secondary school.

How you can help your son

Education is a collaborative process between the student, the family and the school. Your support and communication is essential to the education and well-being of your son.

For further information you can contact Te Haumaru on (06) 758 5399 ext 865 or email.
Mr Adrian Wright

Te Haumaru Learning Centre