The Boarding Education Trust (BET) was set up to pay the boarding fees for the remainder of a boys' attendance at the Hostel in the event of the death of the main income earning caregiver. (Boarding fees means the fee charged by the NPBHS Board and does not include incidentals or other expenses incurred by a boy). The choice of caregiver to cover differs from family to family and may include one or both of the caregivers.  Each family will need to make a decision on who they wish to nominate. The NPBHS Boarding Contract, Section 23, stipulates that each boy must be covered by at least one parent/caregiver.  The fee is currently $100 and is charged per parent/caregiver nominated, per boy, each year i.e. an annual payment of $100 for one nominated caregiver and $200 if both caregivers are nominated.